"It was effective. I had high expectations. The HSG team delivered on them. I think this could be some of the best money I’ve ever spent."

— CEO/Chairman, Fortune 100 Company

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“They provided me with a practical, insightful, and easy-to-apply roadmap for working and communicating better as a team, and helped guide us towards our desired outcomes. This actionable framework was invaluable.”

— Sr. VP, Worldwide Manufacturing


“The HSG process delivers ongoing actionable feedback on team dynamics. Even more importantly, it shines a bright light on how a leader must change if they want to head a truly high-performing team.”

— Executive Vice President


“They helped us assess team and stakeholder dynamics and address a good cross-section of issues that impacted the team. As a result of the visibility provided by HSG, we succeeded in advancing the performance of the team.”

— Chief Technology Officer


“HSG got us to the root of the matter and enhanced my understanding of what was going on. Their comprehensive set of tools were customized to our needs and situation, and the insights they delivered were extremely useful.”

— Chief HR Officer

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“HiPER™ applied a very practical, focused approach that helped our leaders and their leadership teams break down communication barriers, giving us a common language we could all use, all tied to outcome attainment. We needed that.”

— Chief Information Officer


“With its easy-to-read reports and facilitated team sessions, HSG’s service pinpoints where the teams can improve. The insights are invaluable and actionable – very important for any leader.”

— Lecturer, The Wharton School
Former CEO, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company