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What do you mean by the term HiPER™?

HiPER™ is our term for exceptional leaders – those who create the greatest value for their organizations and who do so with less of an interest in title or status, and more out of a desire to make an impact. A HiPER™ may be a C-level Executive, Managing Director, President, VP, or General Manager who drives superior enterprise performance and results.

Over the past decade we realized that the need for HiPERs is more important than ever, and designed products to identify, enable, and unlock the full potential of HiPER™ leaders for their organizations and the world.

Who uses HSG?

The HSG solution provides C-level leaders a predictable and repeatable approach to deliver on their organization’s most critical outcomes. For these impact driven leaders, HSG helps address costly obstacles that get in the way of achieving company goals. Frequently, C-level leaders will sponsor a HSG subscription for one or more of their direct reports who they depend on to deliver complex projects and initiatives (e.g. IT system integrations, mergers, reorganizations, executive transitions, etc.).

What are the top three benefits of using The HiPER™ System?

HSG provides a proven, repeatable system that enables performance-driven leaders to achieve game-changing outcomes. Our proprietary system allows senior executives to use their time more efficiently and gain deep insights into their stakeholders and team members – all of which drives alignment.

As such, HSG:

  1. Helps Boards and CEOs identify, retain, and derive even greater value from their performance-driven leaders

  2. Provides visibility to the leader on where to focus and how best to maintain alignment with their team, stakeholders, and above all else, the outcomes they are accountable to deliver

  3. Accelerates the path to success

How long do I use The HiPER™ System?

The system is designed to be an ongoing resource. Change is constant, so course correcting in response to new circumstances is continuous. Our system and services are available through an annual subscription basis.

Why is The HiPER™ System a subscription?

Alignment is the key to successful outcomes. Staying aligned is an ongoing challenge as changes across the ecosystem continually surface new obstacles. Leaders need objective insights to get and keep team members and stakeholders on the same page. The HSG subscription solution delivers continuing insights on areas of misalignment as well as corresponding recommendations on what to do in order to keep themselves, the team and stakeholders on the same page as they work to achieve the outcome.

How do I get started with HSG and what can I expect?

Call or email us to schedule a 30 minute alignment conversation. During this initial interaction we will mutually assess if HSG is the right solution for the outcome you want to achieve. Clients, as well as those who HSG is not a fit for tell us this is an insightful conversation. It helps them gain clarity on the specific and measurable result they wish to achieve and the best path to get there, which may be different than they originally thought.

How does HSG’s approach differ from traditional management consulting?

Consulting services frequently focus on thought-leadership, staff augmentation, and producing deliverables for a contracted period of time. HiPER™ collects, analyzes, and reports insights on a monthly basis so that leaders can be more efficient with their time and focus on achieving the outcomes that motivate them.

The Client Services team provides additional support to impact-driven leaders through analysis, interpretation, and objective insights, not their own subjective opinion. The ongoing visibility empowers leaders to focus on delivering results.

How does HSG’s approach differ from traditional executive coaching?

There are a wide range of executive coaches who offer everything from career advice and communication tools to conflict management and behavior change. At HSG, we believe greater understanding between people reduces the pressure and expectation for behavior change. We provide ongoing data and insights on how people make decisions in the context of the leader’s ecosystem and outcome. If behavior change or additional 1:1 consulting is required, we encourage our clients to leverage expert coaches. When clients ask us to share the data and insights with a coach, oftentimes the coaches and clients find sessions to be even more impactful.

How does the HSG approach differ from facilitation?

Facilitation is frequently about managing a process that gets a leader and their team to a decision. Facilitators are an extremely important resource and many of our clients routinely use internal and external facilitators. Our system provides leaders with actionable insights for a clearer path to their outcomes.

Does the HiPER™ System add to the list of issues I need to address?

Our clients frequently share that by using our system they are actually able to create more leverage for themselves, thus freeing up time. By surfacing where misalignment exists along with interpretations and curated practices from other impact driven leaders, the leader is well positioned to reduce the number of issues and focus their time more effectively.

How much of the work will be my responsibility vs. delivered through the solution?

The system is designed to surface actions leaders can take to swiftly address roadblocks and take advantage of valuable opportunities. The leader is responsible for execution on these insights and recommendations but your HSG team is there with you along the way. If you would like extra help, our professional services are available for an additional fee.

Where does HSG fit into my budget?

The economic consequences of misalignment are substantial. Plenty of research exists linking the cost of not being on the same page to organizations not achieving results. From this vantage point, clients demonstrate massive cost savings and return on investment when using HiPER™. Clients will budget HSG in different areas, including:

  • Open headcount

  • Enterprise or project budgets

  • IT and SaaS budgets

  • Independent Oversight (a/k/a Independent Verification and Validation – IV&V)

  • Discretionary budgets

What other products and service does HSG offer?

HSG offers a portfolio of value-added services through our Professional Services Organization that complement the annual subscription. These services are available for additional fees and include:

  • Peer-to-Peer Network Events

  • Leader Feed-Forward Assessments and Report

  • Team Feed-Forward Assessments and Report

  • HiPER™ Maturity Assessment and Report

  • Accountability Tracking

For more information about these services, just ask!

Do you work with partners, and if so, whom?

Although HSG doesn’t have formal partnerships with other business entities, we work with a number of third-party resources through clients’ subscriptions.

Clients generally find our system and related services complement their other vendor programs.